The president Michelle Bachelet made a call to the developed countries participating of the COP21 (United Nations conference on climate change), to get involved in the process of seeking for solutions to solve the problems coming from the climate change.

Bachelet sustained that take of action is inescapable and in currently the world is living the consequences of the inaction of the past. In addition she explained that despite of Chile is a “marginal emitting” of greenhouse’s emission, responsible of the global warming, It has suffered extreme climate events.

The head of State, reasserted the volunteer commitment of mitigation to 2030, and added that Chile is seeking to break the relation between economic development and the emission increase by making priority the conditions of life of the most vulnerables.

In regard to the agreement, she said that “despite of the climate change is a global problem and a common challenge, the developed countries are those called to exert a strong, long-lasting and binding commitment”.