The Coquimbo region’ senator and DC president, Jorge Pizarro, confirmed he is in England enjoying the Rugby world cup. This after the rumors on the social networks about his absent on the catastrophe zone, resulted after the 8.4 magnitude quake which has shocked his representation zone.

The last September 16th, the senate conceded to Pizarro the permission to respite of his senatorial duties for some days.

As a result the representative programmed a trip which was concreted on September 18th when he flight to Europe in order to enjoy of the mentioned rugby world tournament. Even though the region which elected him as senator was under emergency state.

The critics rained down immediately from many residents of the Coquimbo´s zone. Where Pizarro should returned the next 28 of September. Date in which the work of the commissions will be also restarted and he will be continue with his parliamentary work.