Due to the explosion of polemical corruption cases, associates to the Politic, like Soquimich and Caval, the president Michelle Bachelet has faced an unfavorable 2015.

Thus, interviewed by Publimetro, Michelle Bachelet, admitted the difficulties of leading a country under an atmosphere of distrust. However, the head of State ,assured that is an opportunity to modify the law.

“I decided looking at the challenges as a chance to make all the legal changes, increase the demands and the transparency levels in order to make harder the infringement of the established norms”, the president stated.

As an assessment, the president adds emphatically that this has been the lowest year of her government and assured of being expecting a recovery. “Clearly until now, is the worst year. I’m eager awaiting the new year eve… hoping everything can be improve”, she assured.

In respect to 2015 she pointed out that “it has been a hard year from every point of view” and “I try to have a good sense of humor”, despite of the possible effects of the problems on her mood.

And in regards to one of the main reforms driven by the executive, the president highlighted the role of the new Constitution as essential, and assured being convinced of that the elites and the people can get an approaching in the frame of the Constitutional process.