This Monday will be resumed the hearing in the frame of the oral trial due to the assassination of the US psychologist Erica Hagan. Discovered on September 5th of 2014 inside the Baptist School of Temuco.

The trial began on Friday at the Penal Tribunal from Temuco, against Domingo Cofré Ferrada, the only accused by the Public Ministry due to the crimes of qualified homicide and frustrated fire.

The cause has been scheduled at least until December 31th, in the courtroom presided by the magistrate Juan Bladimiro Santana and made up by the judges Ronny Lara Camus and Luis Sarmiento Luarte.

During the oral trial will be presented 87 witnesses and diverse experts.

Domingo Cofré, the only imputed on this cause, has been subjected to cautionary measures like partial house arrest, monthly signing and national arresting since Sept. 12th of the past year.