Chile has been classified as the third most terrorist nation in SouthAamerica. The list is headed by Colombia and Paraguay.

The information was published by the report of the “Global Terrorism Index 2015″, in which is detailed that our country was considered at this item due to 17 incidents linked with terrorism, principally because of anarchist groups actions.

11 of those incidents were connected to anarchists groups, 3 to mapuches activists and 3 to unknown subjects.
According with this measuring 17 incidents have occurred in our country during 2014. The results were 26 injured and 1 dead. A clear increased considering than during 2013 only 4 incidents happened, with 2 deads and 1 wounded as consequence.

On this measuring scale have been considered 162 countries worldwide in a list headed by Irak, Afganistan, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria.

Regarding to Southamerica, Colombia is located at the 18 position, Paraguay is in the 40 place and Chile in the 46th place. Behind them are Peru (57), Brasil (74) and Venezuela (76)