After the requirement of the lawyers who are representing the plaintiffs of the Archbishopric of Santiago, because of the presumed concealment of the crimes of Fernando Karadima, the magistrate Juan Manuel Muñoz is going to prepare an exhort to be respond by Pope Francisco.

The request was motivated due to the leak of a video where the leader of the Catholic Church qualified of fool to Osorno city for its opposition against the calling of Juan Barros as bishop of the community, because he has been pointed out as an accomplice of the sexual assaults perpetrated by Karadima.

The sue submitted by Juan Carlos Cruz, José Andrés Murillo and James Hamilton, amount to 450 million pesos and in addition, on this cause should declare the Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati on november 5th.

On his behalf Karadima should declare at court, before the minister Juan Manuel Muñoz, next november 11th.

For the tramitation of the exhort, it should be seen firstly by the Supreme court, which in turn, will send it to the Chancellery, and this department would be the responsible to derivate the document to the Vatican, explained Emol.