A couple days ago, a serious denounce was disclosed it is related to a sexual attack against a little female dog in Talcahuano.

The denounce went viral on the social networks, after a woman, identified as Barbara Cares, decided to make public the story and adopted Luli, the affected dog.

According to her conversation with Página 7, Cares detailed that “The rumors indicated that the little female dog was under the care of a homeless man in Talcahuano, to be more specific, on Bilbao Street of the port city. This miserable raped my Luli… just to think about the situation makes me feel so much pain and desperation that I just want this sick pervert to have some kind of punishment.His name is Leo. Barbara added.

The woman said she preferred to avoid telling the details of the state in which they found Luli because of the cruel nature of the story. In addition, she assured she doesn’t know what to do “to denounce him and after that what… he will find another dog and he will continue to do the same”.

The veterinarian who attended Luli, assured she contracted TVT disease. “ I can testify of her injuries, they can be perfectly attributed to a third party damage. The TVT presents itself as a tumor that looks like a cauliflower and it can grow on the genital organs or in the respiratory system. Lulita had a hole in her vagina and secreted a lot of a light colored fluid, sometimes it was only blood. A week ago we started the TVT treatment, which is a chemotherapy applied in weekly individual sessions. We will continue for 6 weeks if necessary, if not, it will only be 4.” Detailed Barbara.

In order to cover the expenses, Cares started a social media campaign inviting 100 animals lovers to donate $1000 pesos, at the time the campaign had a good reception but it didn’t achieve the final goal.
Even though the campaign wasn’t as successful as expected, the donations helped to pay for the chemo treatment, some medicines and a special cover for her liver, which protects it from the chemo, the deposits also help with the cost of an antibiotic to calm her vomit episodes after the chemo´sessions.