This Monday the copper price still falling, scoring its lowest price since 2009, less than US per pound.

According to the information, the pound of copper was valued in US.9969 at the stock exchange in London. An important drop since last Friday when the red metal reached US.0350.

This new fall has relation with the collapse of the Chinese market, due to China is the main buyer of copper worldwide, and the biggest business partner of our country.

At the Asian giant , the inflation has been maintained in 1.6%, the rate is far from the levels reached when the economic development was surpassing the 7%, according with the information of Diario Financiero.

Regarding to the complex scenario, the Finance Minister, Rodrigo Valdés explained that this is about a tendency that has been kept on time and get worst. But insisted on that our country is prepared for these cases.

Valdés called to not overreact due to these are signals showing that the projections of the copper prices are worst than we expected and adds that in front of this scenario it should be working to find a better way of adjustment to this kind of fluctuations.