Detectives from the Brigade of sexual crimes (brisexme) of the PDI are making diligences in order to find a man accused of abusing from a little girl in Punta Arenas. The pet bit the agressor in defense of the child.

According to El Pingüino, it is about an incident registered on Monday. When the mother of the victim went out to pick her little son up, leaving the girl alone at home.

Taking advantage of that moment, a stranger knocked at the door and the girl answered. In relation to the victim’s declarations , the subject tried to come into the house by the force. However, from inside the house went out a dog to defend to the little victim, attacking the delinquent, who escaped.

All the evidence are at the service of the public prosecutor, who assigned the case to the Brisexme of the Police of investigation of Punta Arenas.