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About 15 inches of volcanic materials -ashes and stones- is until now the result of the eruption of the Calbuco volcano, triggered this Wednesday afternoon in the Chilean southern region of Los Lagos, and forcing to evacuate 4,000 people.

The Government declared red alert within 12 miles around the crater, and the president Michelle Bachelet is already in the zone to evaluate the damages.

In this scenario, a camera located in the mountain shelter of Teski, in the near Osorno volcano, catched in video the very first eruptive pulse of the Calbuco, even one whole minute before it started.

In fact, you can see the rise of the ashes column from the 1:34 minute.

Until now there are no victims and the situation of 20 families that inhabite the surroundings of the Chapo Lake is closely monitored, due to the rise of the water levels after the eruption.

Video de Inicio de la Erupcion del Calbuco.

Posted by Foch Metayer on Jueves, 23 de abril de 2015