The National prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, suggested that Chile should follow the International tendency and cease military justice when it does not exist military interest.

The tendency points out that the civil jurisdiction should be enlarged over the military one and Abbott would have suggested that Chile should advance to a constitutional reform in order to achieve it.

On the same line, the director of the National Institute of Human Rights, Lorena Fries, has reiterated that the State is in debt with the victims of the dictatorship; and in addition she has reminded that it does exist a pronouncement of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights which express that police should be ruled by the civil justice.

From the political world, the president of the Commission of Constitution, Legislation and Justice of the Deputy chamber, Leonardo Soto, promised a conversation with the president of the instance to motivate the cessation of military tribunals for the cases of unnecessary violence exerted by police.

Currently the interior minister, Jorge Burgos, by a presidential order, is preparing a document to reform the Constitution on this matter.