The Chancellor Heraldo Muñoz confirmed through an official statement that president Michelle Bachelet intervened during the first meeting of Heads of State, who are part of the TPP, Transpacific Partnership. The meeting was developed in Manila, Philippines, in the frame of the APEC.

During the meeting, the president of the United States, Barack Obama, suggested February 4th as the date to signed the controversial agreement in New Zeland and the proposal was approved by the participants.

On this line, Bachelet intervened requesting to her peers the need of bring this economic agreement closer to the people, this by the creation of jobs and thus, prosperity.

Minister Muñoz explained that ” It was a good reunion about the TPP. The president intervened about the need of highlighting the benefits for the people as a result of this agreement, in terms of generate jobs and prosperity (…) all of them have coincided at the importance of inform about the corresponding legislatives process.

From the presidency of the Republic, specifically from the press department, have rejected giving official information about the meeting arguing that they have not talked yet with the president.