A 21-year-old safari park tourist guide died Friday after a tiger attack in Rancagua, Chile.

The Rancagua Fire Department and the local police both confirmed that Catalina Torres suffered neck wounds.

The authorities also said that she died after being rescued, during resuscitation efforts.

According to early reports, she fell into the big cats’ cage, but the center later claimed that she might have walked into it willingly, while cleaning the area.

However, park workers refuted CEO Antonio Rojas’ version of events.

“Everything he’s saying is false”, Carol Orellana told Radio Bío Bío.

“The girl who died did not work in animal management, she was a safari guide like all of us,” she added.

“We did not have to do that job. We do it because they consider it overtime, and that is helpful for us,” Orellana affirmed.

“Nobody told her that the tiger was not locked up, she just walked in,” she finished.