The president Michelle Bachelet promulgated a law which creates the new Under Secretary of Human Rights, institution that will be dependent of the Justice Ministry.

Bachelet explained the motion, saying that was necessary an institution for giving strenght and coherence , as a State policy, to the Human Rights matter.

In addition the president said that through this achievement the Government is fulfilling a commitment assumed with the country, and also with a superior duty we have as society and State, which is to give to the Human Rights the highest representation level.

The president highlighted that isn’t a coincidence that the Under secretary will be dependent of the Ministry of Justice, because it obey to the purpose of strenghten the vision of the juridical nature of the Human Rights.

This Under Secretary will be in charge of the inclusion of the citizens and its organizations,said Michelle Bachelet and emphasized that “without these human rights organizations we couldn’t be able to get the advances we have reached”.