A Canadian tourist was murdered this friday morning in the Chilean coastal city of Valparaíso. His demise was verified by the Emergency Medical Care Service (SAMU, in Spanish).

The 57-year-old man was walking with his wife and daughter around Cerro Alegre, a popular area among tourists and locals, when, around 11:45, they were approached by two people who threatened them to try and rob them.

After the man resisted, one of the robbers stabbed him and then both delinquents fled the scene of the crime using public transportation.

According to sources of Radio Bío Bío, the victim was identified as Peter Alan Winterburn, who had been living in Chile since February, as he was working in the mining industry in the north of the country.

Mario Rojas, captain of the Eighth Police Station of Valparaíso, assured that they know the physical characteristics of the offenders, so law forces are searching for them in the area.