This Monday the Venezuelan Government has published a statement where they absolutely rejected the Chilean Chancellery declarations.

The Last week, The Chilean ambassador Heraldo Muñoz, talked about the opposition leader, Leopoldo López, who was condemned to a more than 13 years of prison because of the charge of incitation to violence during anti-government protest in 2014.

Respect to the condemn Muñoz declared our country was following what happened “with many attention, with much interest and being respectful from what the Judicial Power of other country do.

Likewise, in Chile, like in any other country, we feel that the suitable process it is important, in consonance with the internationals instruments, but we are respectful of the judicial decisions of other countries”.

This was repeated by the Chancellery during the weekend through written statements sending to the mediums.

Those declarations were not good received by the Venezuelans authorities, who through a statement pointed out that “The Ministry of the Popular Power for Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela turns to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Chile to reject the statement from September 12th of 2015, in which judgements of interference nature were submitted on internal matters of a State of democracy law, sovereign, and independent as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”.

The Government of Venezuela, remark that “its result as necessary to remember to the Chilean Chancellery that the no- Intervention in the internal matters of another state it is a fundamental principle consecrated on the Public International law. In this meaning, any pronouncement which can infringe its sense in nothing contribute to the construction and perfection of the bilaterally relations of mutual respect”.

On that line, they emphasize that for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela it is a fundamental regulation abstain from pronunciation over the domestic matters of any sovereign state. For example, would be absolutely unexpected for the national authorities to emit opinions on the judicial treatment and denounces of the systematic violations of the human rights against the Mapuche people, or about the impunity of the authors of the crimes against humanity during the Pinochet dictatorship”.

“In like manner would be unexpected to emit judgements over the privatization of the Chilean education which violate the human rights of majorities who do not access to education, or emit pronunciations over the validity in the middle of the XXI century of the constitution imposed by Pinochet dictatorship. Venezuela has never emitted and it is not going to emit opinions related to these serious issues that Chile is living” they added.

All in all “The Ministry of the Popular Power for Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela it is making a new call to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Chile to, in order to maintain relations of mutual respect, avoid to interfere in the Internal business of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, for direct action or through External Potencies influences”.