On Thursday and through a statement, LAN made reference of the potential mobilization in which aeronautics and aerial controls employees could be involve on September 15th. For that reason LAN is working in order of a normal service operation.

On that point, LAN said if an employee standstill happen, the company will take the necessary mitigation measures for the inconvenient the stoppage could generate to the users.

As a way to avoid difficulties, LAN is giving some options for the passengers who are going to travel inside the country on September 15th, thus they will be able to modify their trips.

Respect to the changes and refunds for those clients who have already purchased their tickets to travel on the mentioned date, they can embrace the next options deprived of associate fines:

- To solicit the ticket refund no charges until it is in force.
- To postponed the trip until 15 days after the original flight day, no fine.
- To change the route until the ticket still valid, no fine, but paying the rates difference.

In addition for those who want to reprogram their trips they can do it through LAN Contact Center or in the company commercial offices.

As a result, the company call to be alert to eventual itineraries changes, reviewing the LAN website section “flight status”. Site in where the flights information will be continuously updated.