40.000 people still without electric supply after a new robbery of copper cables

ARCHIVO | Pablo Vera | Agencia UNO
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The early morning of this Thursday, delinquents have demolished five electric poles to steal copper cables. The action provoked the disconnection of the power line and also, serious damages to the structures at two different areas. As a consequence, the repairing works on these areas will last all day.

The affected areas are Laja, San Rosendo and Santa Juana.

Regarding to this incident, Luis Pérez, Transelec’s south manager, explained that there are skilled gangs behind this illicit, who are leaving to almost 40.000 people without electric energy.

On his behalf, Frontel Bío Bío, made a call to the community to report these crimes, that represent numerous loss for the clients, and principally to traders and public entities.

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