Bachelet assures that Constitutional Reform should be approved to begin decentralization

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The president Michelle Bachelet, assured that the Constitucional reform should be approved in order to start the decentralization project, after receive the conclusions of the regions summit.

The statement is the result of a large work made by the Chilean association of municipalities, regional counselors, officers of regional governments,legislators from the senate and the deputies chamber in favor of the decentralization and many organizations which have decided to be part of this “pact for the decentralization”.

The deputy Rodrigo González, president of the regional legislators from the low chamber, detailed that the text is the reflection of the territorial equality that should be achieved through the democratic election of the Intendants in 2017 to solve the problems they face, and in addition to materialize a income project for the local governments.

In addition, Bachelet assured that would be not easy to make the selection of the support tools and the territory through which the process can be started, that will have as starting point the approval of the Constitutional Reform and the law about the strenghtening of the regionalization.

On his behalf, the president of the Chilean Association of Municipalities and major of Macul, Sergio Puyol, said that every day are more the people committed with the project, and announce a national tour to properly explain the effects of the decentralization.

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