Chris Hagan refuted the innocence of the one accused of his daughter’s murder

Chris Hagan|David Cortés Serey|Agencia UNO
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Surprise has caused a woman’s declaration after the first hearing in preparation for the oral trial due to the homicide of Erica Hagan.The woman stated that the victim’s family believe in the accused innocence, Domingo Cofré.

As Bio Bio Radio informed yesterday, the woman identified herself as Betty Franco Burton, Chilean- US citizen who also assured being friend of an Aunt and Grandma of Erica. Besides of registered in writing the hearing’s progress she assured that the victim´s family do not trust in Domingo Cofré as the author of the crime.

In reaction to Franco’s statements, Chris Hagan, the victim’s father, sent a declaration emphasizing they don´t know this woman and she doesn´t have the representation of Erica Hagan´s family.

In addition, he pointed out that this is not the first time that Betty Franco Burton tried to contact them. He explained that some days ago this woman and other identified as Susan Jara, have been get in touch with him on social networks in order to obtained the cellphone number Erica used and on last May the women tried to contact them through other people.

The document, remitted to the Public Ministry and to the US embassy, dismissed all kind of involving with this woman and sustain that they trust in the Chilean justice. The declaration was given to the FBI as a protection measure, if some crime could happen.

Chris Hagan concluded asseverating that as family they have never exonerated Domingo Cofré.

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