Codelco becomes a concern due to more than 4000 firings

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Due to the firing of 4.000 workers of Codelco, because of the economic deceleration in the country, trade union leaders and experts in economy demonstrated their concern about the situation.

From the Trade Unit Center of Workers, the measures taken by Codelco have been qualified as unfortunate. While , economists pointed out that firings are part of the decisions of the company to palliate the copper low prices.

Codelco dismissed 350 supervisors Role A during this week, reaching the rate of 4292 workers fired, and despite of the executive president , Nelson Pizarro, said to El Mercurio that these measures have been difficult to take but will not affect the production, the possible consecuences have caused concern inside the trade union world and into the economic environment.

Regarding to this, the vicepresident of the Trade Union Center of Workers, Nolberto Díaz, qualified as unfortunate the measures taken by the State company, emphasizing on the seriousness of the situation, when the Government is launching a labor reform to benefit the workers, and at the same time, Codelco, a state company, is firing professionals.

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