Authorities start legal summary against codelco due to spill of copper concentrate

ARCHIVO | Juan Guerrero | Agencia UNO
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The Health Authority of Valparaiso started a legal summary against Codelco Andina, because of the breakdown of an underground tube that carry concentrate of copper. The incident provoked the spilling of mineral to the water of the Blanco River, at the locality of Los Andes.

The “accident” has turned into a big concern for the authorities and also for the local population, due to it represents a threat for the Aconcagua river, the main font of potable water in the Fifth Region.

Codelco Andina, through a statement, informed that the amount of copper concentrate that spilled to the Blanco river is equivalent to 50 cubic metres.

Mario Méndez, public health authority at the Province of Aconcagua, explained that an investigation team is working to rescue physical and chemical evidence to identify the metals involved in this emergency.

Méndez added that they command the closing of sluice gates in various sections of the Aconcagua river, to protect potable water of contaminating agents.

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