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Parliament seeks to reinstate indication for the general protection of Chilean glaciers

Archivo | Francisco Negroni | Agencia UNO
Archivo | Francisco Negroni | Agencia UNO
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On a particular mode continues the votation of the “glaciers protection law” at the Environment Commission and Natural Resources of the Deputies chamber.

One of the main points of discussion after the votation of the law, was the one which establishes that they would be protected if and only if they are catalogued under the figure of “strategic reserve”, as a demostration of its “hydric relevance”.

On that way, the procedure will restrict to those who are of a biggest volume or are located at zones of a proven hydric narrowness.

The socialist deputy and member of the called ” glacier legislators”, Daniel Melo, assured that some parliamentarians have the goodwill to reinstate this correction, with the purpose of having the general protection for all the glaciers in the country.

Until now, the Water General Direction(DGA) is going to propose a list of glaciers, in order to be declared as protected.

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