The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced an agreement with Ireland, which is going to benefit directly to the young Chileans.

The agreement was held the past week at the visit of chancellor Heraldo Muñoz to that country.

The measure will permit to the young chileans travel to Ireland for working and studying english for a year. This will be possible thanks to a special visa. The instance will benefit 100 Chileans per year.

According to the Chancellery’ statement, the purpose of this program is to offer to the young the opportunity to work temporarily and learn or improve their english skills.

This accord will benefit to the young Irish too, because they will have the chance of access to visas for working in Chile during their vacations. And despite of that only 100 chileans will be annually beneficiaries, in the Ireland case it was not imposed a limit.

The requirements

- Being a Chilean citizen
- Age group: 18-30
- Have a valid passport
- Have the return ticket to Chile, health insurance and money for the stay.
- To not have a criminal record.