The president Michelle Bachelet and the Peruvian president Ollanta Humala, are going to coincide in the frame of their participation at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), which will be celebrated in Phillipines. This in the middle of the polemics due to the border problems concerning to the creation of a Peruvian district at the “Hito N°1″, northern Chile.

Both Heads of State, will participate on the main events of the APEC, among Wednesday and Thurday of this week, with other 18 presidents, like Barack Obama.

On Wednesday, at the same time, has been scheduled an special meeting between the signatory countries of the TPP, Transpacific Partnership, the huge trade block made up by United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. In which Bachelet and Humala are also going to coincide.

The Chilean Chancellory has discarded any bilateral encounter with Peruvian authorities and regarding to the tension, Heraldo Muñoz, the Chilean Chancellor, has qualified the relation with Peru as ” complicated”. Thus, he claimed that having a bilateral meeting would be an unfriendly, inappropriate and even imprudent decision.