On a tense atmosphere with Bolivia, due to the maritime demand and with Peru because of the border situation, the Government has defended the execution of the military excercise “Huracan”, after the criticism launched by the president Evo Morales, who accused expansionists intentions from Chile.

The state secretary, Marcelo Díaz, pointed out that “is not going to be the propaganda policy of a government like Bolivia what is going to determine the compliance of the goals and the institutional schedule of our Armed Forces”.

It was Evo Morales himself who has accused Chile of trying to intimidate with this military deployment close to the border. Even there was some criticism from the inside of the government , like the senator Alejandro Navarro, who called to cancel this activity.

On the same line as Díaz, the Interior Minister, Jorge Burgos, highlighted that the “Huracan” exercise, exist since many time ago, and it has been seen many times by Chilean presidents. It is about an exercise typical of the Chilean State and at the same time necessary to our Armed Forces