The president of the Agrupation of the Registro Civil Officers, Nelly Díaz, arrived to the Ministry of Justice in order to sustain a meeting with the minister of Justice, Javiera Blanco, Mahmud Aleuy and Luis Acevedo.

Díaz assured, during the week, her intention of “not having a reunion with the government if they are not going to present concrete proposals to finish with the institution’s paralyzation”.

However, this time she decided to be part of a new dialogue instance. She pointed out that the Officers of the Registro Civil have gave 3 signals to the State to stop the strike , between those, the fulfillment of civil unions, the acceptance of a bonus projected for 2017 and the return of the ethical turns.

Yesterday, passed the 19.00 pm, and after the meeting, Nelly Diaz talked about the reunion and sustained that they did not reach an agreement. Thus, the strike continuing.

She also explained that this was the first approach between the Government and the representatives of the Registro Civil, after 32 days on strike and assured of being able to negotiate no matter the date or time.

Regarding to their demands, she expressed that they are expecting an answer from the Government capable to satisfy all their demands, and that was the reason why they did not got an accord. ” We are still awaiting for the Executive’s answer”, she added.