This Tuesday’s morning two men were detained on the frame of the investigation of the last incendiary attacks registered in the Araucanía. One of the detainees is Cristian Levinao Melinao, who was fugitive since July when he escaped from the CET of Angol.

Police’s intelligence headed the operation in order to find the responsible of the last attacks. Thus, after many diligences the police broke into a house of the Chomío countryside from Padre las Casas commune. Where the two men were arrested and also armaments and materials to fabrication of explosives were seized.

Levinao was prisoner in Angol under the sentence of 10 years of prison due to the crime of robbery with intimidation to the decease Hector Gallardo. But he escaped and some weeks later, through a video record he declared himself on clandestinely.

The other arrested is Felipe Durán Ibáñez, an independent photograph who used to give extended coverage to the mapuche’s activities.

From the residence the police seized a sub- machine gun, high caliber’s munitions, dynamite, propane and butane gas and others elements for explosives fabrication.

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