The Police has broken and entered today on 5.30 am into two houses of La Pincoya settlement, in Huechuraba. Where it was confiscated a hazardous war projectile on used conditions.

Accordingly with Emol information, the police started the operation after a 2 month of investigation of two subjects charged for illegal weapon tenancy, ammunition and the infraction of the Drugs Law.

Captain Juan Morales expressed to the medium that the hazardous projectile is of exclusive use of the military institutions and the GOPE, after inspected it, find it has been used.

Also he explained the dispositive holds a .50 cartridge, use for aerial defense and which can neutralize tanks shielding on warlike scenes. Inclusive, its potency it is so much that is capable of knock down a plane. For that reasons its manipulation is of a high danger.

Morales emphasize on the bad use of the dispositive consequences which could be catastrophic. And in addition he did not reject that the subtraction came from a military training.

Marco Medinas Torres (47), Kevin Medina Ponce (18) and Jordan Valencia Herrera (19), were arrested and put under ruling of the Metropolitan Central-North Prosecutor Office. Who will be formalize on this Friday.