Citizens have been gathered at La Moneda to reject the signature of the TPP

Hans Scott | Agencia Uno
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More than 150 people meet up tonight in front of the Government House to express their rejection due to the signature of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP), which was subscribed yesterday in New Zealand.

“This accord will compromise the life and health of the population, and even our national sovereign. Only the interest of multinational corporations are defended. Thus, is important for us showing our rejection to a document that has been subscribed without taking into account the opinion of the citizenship”, the Confusam’s president, Esteban Maturana, stated.

The protesters gathered at 18.30 pm in front of La Moneda, causing an important traffic jam.

The TPP was subscribed this Wednesday by chancellor Heraldo Muñoz, and now, the decision of ratify or denied the incorporation of our country to the agreement depends on the Congress.

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