Bolivian Authorities submitted suspect of the assassination of two Chilean policemen

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The Bolivian authorities submitted to the Chilean authorities the suspect author of the assasination of two Carabineros (policemen). The crimes were discovered the 22th of January, 15 km far from the border with Peru.

The man identified as Juan Carlos Quispe Chacolla, was arrested by the neighbors of Charaña due to his alleged responsability on diverse crimes. In addition of the assassination of the Carabineros, Germán Cid and Víctor Godoy, he has been accused of killing a resident of the town by a gunshot.

The policial report pointed out that the neighbors, knowing that Quispe would have confessed his participation in the crime of the two Carabineros, have requested to the local police, the giving of the imputed to Carabineros of Chile because of “their suspicion in the Bolivian justice”.

Quispe had on his power two rifles, bullets, three cellphones and a knife, as well as cash.

The man was transfered to emergency service of the Dr.Juan Noe Hospital of Arica in order to verify injuries and the prosecutor Mario Carrera, in charge of the case, has taken the statements of the accused.

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