ANEF: the Government is the responsible of this strike

ARCHIVO | Francisco Castillo | Agencia UNO
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Raúl de la Puente, president of the National Association of Public Employees (ANEF), made a press conference during this morning, where it was ratified the national strike of the public officers and also a march scheduled for 11 am.

This national paralization has te main purpose to bring support to the officers of the Registro Civil, who are for almost a month on strike after it was denied the payment of a bonus that was, according to the employees, promised by José Antonio Gómez when he was the justice minister.

“This conflict could been avoided with the dialogue , with a negotiation with the government. A month passed and we
don´t have any solution. This strike and this mobilization are responsability of the Government because they have broken the dialogue instance and just in the last days they have been opened to negotiate. As a reaction due to the support of the other public officers”, de la Puente assured.

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