Government responded to UN critics due to implementation of preventive ID control

Francisco Saavedra|Agencia UNO
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The United Nations (UN) criticized the Chilean legal frame, basically related with the freedom of expression and with the “anti-delinquency short agenda” due to its measures which will permit the preventive ID control implementation.

The International reporter, Maina Kai, strongly questioned the permanency of norms which came from the dictatorship and as an example, the approval or prohibition of the civic protest.

In addition the international authority, talked about the parliamentary discussion around the preventive ID control. Pointing out that it resulted in a very problematical law and also in a not really efficient one.

Those statements were respected by the senator Felipe Harboe, who used the chance to remind to the United Nations that Chile has a parliament and a government concern about its people security.

From the Government the sub secretary for the Crime prevention, Antonio Frey, said that the efficiency of the project will depends on its running. Emphasizing on their efforts studying all the formulas in order to protect the innocents.

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