Civil helicopter disappeared while participating in operations in the north of Chile

Stock Picture | Pablo Vera Lisperguer | Agencia Uno
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A private helicopter is missing since Tuesday night, generating a search operation by the Air Force in the Atacama region.

Aboard company workers hired by Aguas Chañar, were transported to the Alto del Carmen area to assess water catchment. However, there has not been communication with the aircraft since yesterday and the emergency signal which is generated when there is no contact with the pilots has not been activated.

La Moneda confirmed that in the helicopter crew payroll is Pedro Pablo Aldunate Arriola, married to María Isabel Bachelet Artigues, cousin of the President Michelle Bachelet.

The Chilean Air Force confirmed that the helicopter is lost and added that “search tasks are being controlled by the Air Brigade, based at the air force base in Cerro Moreno Antofagasta “.

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