Cuando Abby Pollak era una adolescente sufrió dificultosos problemas alimenticios que la tenían consumiendo menos de 1.000 calorías diarias. Hoy, a los 23 años, la joven es conocida por su drástico cambio físico y “nuevas” curvas, las que logró con una alimentación saludable y ejercicios.

🔥WARNING🔥 I'm about to be honest with you. – Yes, this is my real transformation. My butt did grow that much. My boobs – maybe a bit but most of that "growth" is thanks to the add-two-cups Victoria's Secret bra. Fake boobs don't align with my adrenaline junkie tendencies😅. In 2012 I was 20lbs underweight and was struggling on and off with anorexia and binge eating disorder. In 2015 I was at a healthy, but lean weight with some fat, a lot more muscle, and balanced hormones. – Now that we've got that out of the way. Here's what you need to know. 👉I DID NOT get here by taking "supplements", avoiding carbs, drinking slim teas, or doing BS exercises that you see on most IG exercise pages. I built a muscular foundation using compound exercises (not machines), progressed how often I trained + how much weight I lifted over time, and adjusted my diet to meet my training needs. I pulled myself together. I FINALLY got started. I commit to a program. And I let go of the habits that were holding me back. Where I struggled most was with getting started and then committing. I felt like no matter how many articles I read or #fitspo accounts I stalked, there was some gap in knowledge between what they knew and what I was doing🤔. I spent a lot of time reading, getting overwhelmed, feeling frustrated then trying again. It was miserable for a solid few months. 〰This is WHY I put out so much "beginner" content and this is WHY it's so important to me to explain everything I do to you, no matter how simple it sounds. 〰This is WHY I started my group training program. Because there's no program out there that meets you where you are right here, right now and helps you build that foundation in knowledge + muscle. If you've made it this far, you're clearly determined. And I invite you to check out our group training program (LINK IN BIO)👀. Just check it out. This is your chance to FINALLY pull yourself together. FINALLY start. And FINALLY start making progress towards the body + confidence you deserve💕🙏.

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Abby tenía 18 años en el momento que decidió cambiar su estilo de vida. Con ayuda de un nutricionista y entrenador personal, comenzó a aumentar de peso con una dieta de 1.700 calorías y a realizar arduas rutinas. Es este proceso, que ha registrado en su cuenta de instagram, le ayudó a formar un cuerpo saludable y a definir sus curvas.

No obstante, la joven es diariamente cuestionada por algunos usuarios quienes piensan que usó implantes. “No llegué aquí tomando “suplementos”, evitando carbohidratos, bebiendo té o haciendo ejercicios milagrosos”, explica en su cuenta, además de aclarar que no tiene ninguna intervención quirúrgica-plástica en su cuerpo.

“Solo ajusté mi dieta para satisfacer mis necesidades del entrenamiento”, agrega la joven canadiense que hoy pesa al rededor de 68 kilos.

FB LIVE STREAM 8:00PM EST (join link in bio): The 4 BIGGEST Mistakes Made By Beginners. . One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see women make is that they’re not eating enough. Eating 1000 calories a day took constant willpower. I had to constantly plan and re-plan what I was eating so I didn’t accidentally go over or eat a food that was “off-limits”. Aside from the fact that I was physically drained from eating so little, I was mentally drained from obsessing over such a trivial part of my life. Eating 1700 calories a day (pic on the right) was how much I was eating on a HEALTHY DIET. On the right I was leaning out for a bodybuilding competition and was still losing weight + reaching a low body fat while eating this many calories a day 🍎👏. . What I want you to pay attention to here is: (1) how I’m carrying myself and (2) the difference between bone vs. muscle. (1) On the left, my shoulders are hunched, my back is to the camera and based on memory, I know I was NOT smiling. On the right, my shoulders are back, chest up, and I’m SMILING proud 🤗. (2) On the left, I have “shape” only because I’m so thin that you can see my bones. Had the lighting been different, you would have seen my full rib cage. On the right, I am lean but strong, shapely and sculpted 💪! . If you want shape / tone / or that tight sculpted bikini look, you will not get it by starving yourself. Nothing good will come from starving yourself. By not eating enough calories, you starving your body and mind, ultimately sabotaging your own progress. Sorry not sorry for the rant. Girl got passion 🔥💕. See you on the live stream!

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Abby Pollak admite que hace un par de años padecía anorexia y luego, cuando intentó comer por “su cuenta”, se vio afectada por la bulimia. “Comer 1.000 calorías requería de una fuerza de voluntad agotadora. Yo estaba cansada físicamente por comer tan poco, estaba agotada mentalmente por esta obsesión de ser delgada”, explicó en Instagram.

#BreatheBalance December to February. LINK IN BIO to tone with me😊💖! – I am somebody who has never had cellulite. My mom doesn't get it, my sister doesn't get it and so when I turned around to see this, I'll admit I was a bit shocked. At that point in time I was living what I thought was balanced. I was eating "intuitively", enjoying treats not so in moderation a few times a week, and not pushing myself too hard. I lacked purpose and had honestly just gotten to a point of feeling overwhelmed with my fitness goals. – How did I do it? I cut the crap with these guidelines in mind: 1⃣Eat more whole foods – There is no such thing as "intuitive" eating once you've tasted engineered/processed foods. They're designed to leave you wanting for more and will disrupt your natural cues for satiety. I am now at a point where I feel as though I've "reset" my taste buds and can truly trust my hunger cues. 2⃣Set performance-based fitness goals – These gave me purpose! Instead of feeling as though I had to chug away on the treadmill or do only circuit-based workouts to LOOK good, I started incorporating heavier compound lifts to challenge myself to BE great! 3⃣Manage stress – For me this came down to accepting that I was enough. In this moment, in the next moment and each day along my fitness journey. This mindset kept me much more level headed and made me want to fuel my body for success rather than temporary mouth pleasure.

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Desde su recuperación, la joven bloguera muestra cada semana los alimentos que consume, explicando las calorías y aporte nutricional de cada uno.

Las rutinas de ejercicios también suelen ser de los videos favoritos de sus cerca de 270 mil seguidores. Según cuenta Abby, ella realiza una hora de ejercicio cuatro días a la semana, en las que se centra en una parte distinta de su cuerpo.

“Si quieres conseguir un cuerpo tonificado, no conseguirás nada muriendo de hambre. La clave está en trabajar y conectar cuerpo y mente”, confiesa la joven.