Jueves 23 mayo de 2019 | Publicado a las 14:59 · Actualizado a las 16:01
Six Brazilian tourists die in Chile in flat rented on Airbnb: company evades any responsibility

On Wednesday night, six Brazilian tourists died in Central Santiago allegedly due to carbon monoxide poisoning in a flat they rented on Airbnb.

In a statement issued this Thursday, the company said to be sorry, but evaded any responsibility and led to believe it should not be blamed for their deaths.

According to the firm, their clients’ and hosts’ safety is their priority, but guests need to make sure any unit they rent has fire and carbon monoxide detectors, which was not the case in this incident.

“If a guest books a space where the host has not reported having fire and carbon monoxide detectors, the platform will point this out to the guests so that they can make all the necessary arrangements”, the statament read, according to CNN Chile.

Nevertheless, Airbnb announced it will pay for their families’ trips, forth and back, as well as for the repatriation of the bodies, according to Brazilian media outlets UOL and Extra Globo.

According to O Globo, all the victims travelled to celebrate a girl’s fifteenth birthday. The trip had been scheduled a year ahead.

However, they were set to return as the grandmother of two of the victims died at dawn Wednesday.

The Brazilian consul in Santiago, Ezequiel Gerd Chamorro, decided to personally visit the flat after a relative called the Consulate and told them the tourists could not be reached.

An inquiry was launched by the Homicide Brigade of the Police of Investigations.

So far, the Fire Department believes their deaths could have been caused by a problem with the heating system or the stove.

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