Un radical cambio en su vida fue el que tuvo Sam Wanderlust, una joven de 24 años que actualmente vive en Los Ángeles, California, luego de pasar por un difícil periodo.

Su particular historia fue dada a conocer por ella misma a través de su cuenta en Instagram. Tras finalizar su magister en Inglaterra, debió regresar a la casa de sus padres.

“No hace falta decir lo mal que me sentía cuando regresé a casa en octubre durante algunos meses. Estaba sumamente deprimida, nada tenía sentido y ya no era una estudiante. La única forma en la que podía describirme era como una mujer sin trabajo de 24 años que nuevamente vivía con sus padres, quienes además se estaban divorciando”, escribió en la red social.

MY 6 MONTH BBG STORY The last year of my life has been pretty insane, I finished my Master's in the UK, moved 5 five time in a year (4 cities – Glasgow, London, Seattle & currently Los Angeles) and have had a whirlwind of family drama-rama. Needless to say when I moved home in October for a few months before moving back to LA I was spiraling & undoubtedly depressed. Nothing in my life made sense. I was no longer a student. The only way I knew to describe myself was as an unemployed 24 year old moving back in with Mom & Dad, except this time Mom & Dad were divorced and I was being shuffled around like 5-year-old for the holidays. It sucked! But it gave me time to refocus and to finally choose to take care of myself. If this was gonna work, I had to do it for me! For my happiness! Not for anyone else, not for a quick fix, but for life. I changed my diet and committed to 12 weeks and you know what, it worked! Something clicked! Then I moved to LA and BBG reached a whole new level of AMAZINGNESS. The meetups and friends I have made over the last 6 months are what have made this experience LIFE! That's what BBG is, a way of life. Of taking care of yourself, encouraging others and of HAPPINESS. Ive always been know as a smiler, but this is the first time it seems endless! Ladies let me emphasis that progress takes time time thou, I don't really have an 'end goal' anymore, just to be the healthiest, happiest and most confident me! Growing up I always acted a certain way at home with my parents and brother, a way that my dad would point out is extremely different to me in public, but slowly 'at home me' has become me all the time & I love it. I don't feel like I hide myself anymore. I say what I think, I dance like a fool all the time, I'm LIVING! So like always this is a ramble, even though I've tried editing it a million times, but it's ok! Because joy isn't perfect! Love isn't black and white. Faith isn't always crystal clear. Nothing is set in stone. Nothing is ever done, that's what makes life worth living! We're constantly living and evolving! We're basically editing our life as it goes (continue in comments…) #transformationtuesday

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Fue entonces cuando se dio cuenta que tenía dos alternativas: hundirse aún más en su depresión, o enfrentar el problema y hacer algo al respecto.

De esta manera, centró todos sus esfuerzos en lograr un profundo cambio en su cuerpo.

“Cambié mi dieta y me comprometí a realizar las 12 semanas del BBG, ¿y saben qué? ¡Funcionó! ¡Algo hizo click! Después me mudé a Los Angeles y el BBG se convirtió en algo incluso más increíble”, sostuvo la joven, haciendo referencia al programa de entrenamiento “Bikini Body Guide”, reconocido por sus ejercicios breves y focalizados.

7 MONTHS 7 months ago I took the leap and decided to commit to BBG! This past weekend I proudly walked into a pool area in a bikini Was I terrified?! OH YEAH! But did I do it! Yep! I never thought I'd have the confidence to wear a bikini to a public pool. I mean I've worn high waisted, but normal bottoms?! Hell to the no! Don't get me wrong, I love high waisted, my top on the right goes with high waisted bottoms and I just bought it from @forever21, but for days when I want to avoid awkward tan lines… I had to face the bikini bottoms. WOOHOO @kayla_itsines! We did it! I finally feel bikini body ready! Well at the moment I sort of don't (TBH), TOM is here and I'd like to remain in sweatpants and eat ice cream and binge GOT, but I know he'll leave and my 7 months of hard work won't disappear ☺️ I think that's what I struggle with most… One bad day won't ruin results, neither will a bad week… Things happen! It's life! You just need to get back on the bike and keep riding. I've been in a serious funk the last week, totally of tilt since last Friday… But all will be as it should. I just need to learn to LET IT BE! I was tagged for #transformationthursday & #morningabs (pretend ) so here we are haha Thank you babes for not getting annoyed with all my progress pics LOVE YOU ALL!! Hope you all have a fabulous TGIF xxxx

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Pero el notable cambio físico que tuvo en su cuerpo, tuvo directas consecuencias en su salud mental, ya que comenzó a ver el mundo con otros ojos.

“Chicas, déjenme decirles que el progreso toma tiempo y que ya no tengo una meta final, sólo quiero ser saludable, feliz y confiar en mi misma. Cuando era más pequeña siempre actuaba de una forma en casa y de otra forma en público, sin embargo, lentamente mi ‘yo de casa’ es el yo que muestro a todo el mundo”, asevera.

“Ya no siento que tenga que esconderme. Digo lo que pienso, bailo como una loca todo el tiempo… estoy viviendo….“, reflexionó.

El progreso de Sam la ha convertido en una verdadera estrella de Instagram, en donde cuenta con más de 17 mil seguidores. En las imágenes se le puede ver disfrutando de la vida en compañía de sus amigas, participando en diferentes actividades e incluso mostrando la alimentación que lleva.

Pero además de mostrar su caso, la joven se preocupa de dar recomendaciones y consejos a quienes piensan seguir su ejemplo.

I WORK @SOULCYCLE Hi lovelies!! Happy #transformationtuesday On this fabulously inspiring day, I'm uber excited to announce I had my first day working at SoulCycle today I'll be honest it took me all of 5 minutes to fall in love with Soul and know that I wanted to surround myself around it 24/7! Literally could not be more excited to join the Soul family in addition to the BBG Community! Who knows, maybe I'll even become an instructor some day A girl can dream right! As for now, I'm just so thankful for the BBG Community because I would have never gone to my first class if I hadn't gained the confidence and strength from doing BBG over the last 7 months and MOST IMPORTANTLY!! I would have never gone to a soul class if it hadn't been for @workoutbean visiting LA and @rrayyme & her hosting a meet up there a few weeks ago and me having serious potential FOMO But seriously!!! I'm also so grateful that SOUL has welcomed me into the family!! IM SOOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS NEXT CHAPTER! ❤️❤️❤️ I've got a early morning tomorrow, but I'll be loving all your progress pics for the next hour or so because I've got to get back on my IG game! I don't feel full without seeing how everyone is doing! LOTS OF LOVE BEAUTIFULS and… PS let's all go SOUL together!!!! xxxx ALSO MAJOR SHOUTOUT TO @mc.fitness.health for posting on the BBG SOCAL FB page about the job! Can't wait to work with you tomorrow

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❤️25 Weeks of BBG❤️ Next week will be 6 months of BBG Thats absolutely insane! It's also the last week of #thekaylamovement!? How did that happen! I can't even believe it's already been 12 weeks, let alone the fact I will have been doing BBG for half a year! Crazy! This journey all started with my IRL bestie @sweetstofit telling me about @kayla_itsines! I was inspired by the community but never thought I'd actually stick it out! But now I can't imagine my life any other way! The friendship I've made ugh I just love all you ladies soooo much I'd be lying if I said this journey has been a walk in the park or that the workouts haven gotten easier… It's a daily challenge and new beginning. Everyday I still fight my old mindset, I ward off the dark days, negative thoughts and binge wants. There have been slip ups and moments of despair… But it's human nature… Life not perfect! We make mistakes… This week alone has been a dozy… Starting off with me being uber sick and then weekend antics (don't even get me start )…my minds been all over the place! But like the priest at church said on Sunday at Easter Mass, Easter is about rebirth and hope! Yesterday is gone, it's time to move on! Fight on! Take the challenge! Change your life for the better! I seriously can't thank @kayla_itsines, @tobi_pearce and all you beautiful babes enough! You make me stronger and happier everyday! Love you all to bits! Good nights beauties xxxx And like always thanks for accepting me and my uber long posts ❤️

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Dear 14-Year-Old Me, Hi It's 24-Year-Old Me! First off let me just say I do this for you! Everything! It's all inspired by you! I know it hasn't been easy, but stay strong. Life's gonna turn out a million times better than you ever imagined! Ignore the bullies & the girls too cool for school. Soon, Taylor Swift will become a country singer who then becomes a pop singer and you will be able to relate to all her songs. I think you'll get a hoot out of MEAN one day. Your friends will come and go, but stay open to new ones! You don't know where they will come from! You'll even join a crazy fitness group and it will start some of the most awesome friendships ever! Also, the braces will come off and so will that skirt. Literally! I tried it on over the weekend and it's way too big now! Who would have thought you'd actually weigh less in the future Not me!! And I know you didn't either A lot of addictions are going through your family right now, but you are stronger than that! You will beat the dark days! You will find that being healthy actually makes life better! You have a bright future! I love you! I love you even in the days you don't! I live each day for you and for my future self too! You make this life worth living AND You will prove that impossible things happen everyday! Lots of love, 24-Year-Old Me I missed #transformationtuesday this week and thought I join in on #throwbackthursday #tbt ❤️ YOU ARE ENOUGH xxxx

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