The country’s economy showed a weak performance during 2015, reaching an expansion of 1.3% at fourth trimester, the worst rate of the year.

According to Central Bank, in 2015, the local GDP achieved a development of 2.1% compared to 1.9% of 2014.

As Emol has stated, with exception of mining (-0.2%), fishing (-3.2%) and restaurants and hotels (-0.7%), all the economic activities got positive variations during last year.

Regarding to the expenses, the domestic demand increased 1.8 percentage points, due to the larger consumption from Government and privates.

In relation to the available national gross income, went up 1.1%, after reached positive rates on the first three trimesters and a negative one, during the last.

Additionally, the institute pointed out that the GDP growing rate was corrected to the rise, at the first and second trimester, and stayed unchanging during the third one (2.2%).