The Public Ministry of Quellón is investigating the slaughter of Magellanic Penguins and sea lions at the Huapi Quilán Islands, in southern Chile.

The authorities were warned about this situation through an anonymous denunciation.

According to prosecutor Rodrigo Valladares, ships used these species as baits for the capture of crabs. Additionally, he informed the investigation has been complex, because they were only warned by an anonymous denouncing.

Regarding to the massacre, witnesses told that penguins and sea lions were killed by using axes and sticks.

Currently, the Investigator Brigade of crimes against Environment from the Police of Investigation (PDI), of Valdivia, is in charge of the inquiry.

At least for now, authorities are awaiting for reports of the civil police, who accessed to the crime scene and collected numerous evidences.

Personnel of the Seremi of National Property and other institutions have also arrived to the place with the purpose of gather antecedents to declare the place as a natural shrine by the colonies of protected species and some archeological discoveries.

Ministerio de Bienes Nacionales

Ministerio de Bienes Nacionales