The main members of the Democracia Cristiana party took sides of the dispute between the Interior Minister, Jorge Burgos and the president Michelle Bachelet.

The senator Ignacio Walker referred about the commitments that Burgos maintained with the Araucanía in an interview with La Radio And stated that the incidents have diminished them as a party.

Regarding the DC’s statements, Chile Vamos has also referred about the situation. Thus, the deputy and president of Renovación Nacional (RN), Cristián Monckeberg, to close the year has qualified the confict as a cherry on top of the cake.

On his behalf the president and deputy of Evolución Política, Felipe Kast, assured that the DC realized that the Nueva Mayoria was more prone to the left than them.

The opposing parliamentarians emphasized that this crisis would be worst in the remaining two years of the current government.