Millionaires losses have been registered at the Salmon industry due to the strike of the employees of the DGAC which maintained paralyzed the delivery of products and also the move of workers.

Despite of the Government and the employees have reached an agreement and the strike is over, the Salmon industry has turned out as the most harmed.

According to the SalmonChile estimations, the industry lost around 16 million dollars in the four days of paralyzation.

The SalmonChile president, Felipe Sandoval, pointed out that some suppliers were having serious complications, not only because of the shipments of their products but also for the arrival of the workers to the Aysén zone.

The concern about the workers transportation towards the region where the most part of the cultivation centers are located, resides in that the salmon industry employees work on extended shifts like in the mining industry.

At the region of los Lagos, around 500 tons of fresh salmon are quantified daily, and the same number of load is daily removed through the International Airport Arturo Merino Benítez, at Santiago.