Different visions have been generated between opposition and the governing party because of the verdict of the Supreme Court which force the Government to request the OEA the intervention in Venezuela.

At the same time the senate president , Patricio Walker, sustained that are going to send a delegation integrate by one legislator per party in order to participate as international watchers of the elections that will be developed the next December 6th.

This despite of the current president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, did not allowed OEA’s watchers to verify the transparency at the elections. “The same luck that the Chilean senators could have”, Patricio Walker explained.

Through a statement, Walker indicated that the Senate joined the initiative of the deputies chamber, who have organized an official mission “invited by the Venezuelan Opposition”.

In addition he said that the Venezuelan opposition is very interested on their participation, because the expectations in order to have transparent elections and respectful of the results are very high.