The rate of femicides per year in our country does not decrease, despite of that five years ago, the law which categorized the crime was promulgated. Thus, as a consequence, the Government is evaluating the presentation of changes to the legislation.

The main objective, of course, is to reduce the numbers of femicides in our country and in order to incentivate the raising of awareness, the Sernam (national service of woman), presented the campaign ” Por mi y por todas las mujeres” (For me and for all the women).

Until November of this year, it has been registered just one case less than in 2014. Nevertheless, the quantity of frustrated attempts has increased in 15%.

Regarding to this records, the minister of the Sernam, Claudia Pascual, expressed “the need of enlarge the categorization of this crime”.

On his behalf, the PPD deputy, Tucapel Jiménez, affirmed that ” it´s time to review the legislation”, while Jaime Bellolio, UDI’s parlamentarian, has valued the possibility of enlarge its categorization.

Currently the rate of femicides per year is equivalent to 40.