Tonight Chile confronted Uruguay. It was his fourth match in the qualifiers to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. This time, la Roja played as visitor at El Centenario Stadium of Montevideo.

Despite of the hostility manifested by the Uruguayan gallery during the Chilean hymn, the attention was focused on the reactions of Jara and Cavani, after the controversy in which both players were involved in the Copa America.

The first half of the match began totally normal and Chile has the first chances of the match, the encounter turns intense with every minute and the yellow cards are starting to rain. Vidal, Corujo, Medel and Godin were sanctioned by the implacable referee.

Godin notched the first goal in the 23rd minute off a rebound and the Centenario exploded in euphoria. After the first goal, La Roja still fighting and attempted several times to open their account.

The Second half was more eventful than the first, and chances became increasingly harder to come by for both teams. At intervals the game seems to be inclined to the Chilean side until Alvaro Pereira scored the second goal for Uruguay in the 61st. From now on , La roja looks lost in the field while Uruguay still playing harsh and crushing to the Chilean attempts of reverting the unfavorable result.

On the 64th minute, Cáceres sentenced the Uruguayan victory scoring the third goal for the Charruas. Uruguay broke the unbeaten Chilean record and in addition, this match costed to Chile the participation of two valuable players for the next date, Vidal and Valdivia, who are not going to be part of the showdown with Argentina at the National Stadium in Santiago.