The Journalists Felipe Hurtado and Pablo Vargas wrote the book ” Carlo de Gavardo, Abriendo Ruta”. The biography of the Chilean sportsman who passed away the last july 4th.

In a conversation with Podría ser Peor, the sports journalists pointed out that it is about a book of more than 300 pages, which considered the career of the national pilot since 1998.

They explained that between the motorcyclist he was the main one. ” Carlo was really relevant in this discipline. Because he made feasible to have the Dakar Rally in South America”, Vargas explained.

They added that because of him it’s possible the exportation of national pilots for the world, and from him, routes were opened.

On his behalf, Felipe Hurtado explained that Carlo de Gavardo did understand that there was a niche to be used in Latin America and an industry to make the most with the rally.