The laics movement of Osorno, made a call to Pope Francisco to respond to the exhort submitted by the victims of the priest Fernando Karadima. If the initiative is approved , they expect to known the truth before December.

This occurred after the exhort solicited by the defense of the plaintiffs of Karadima. The initiative pursue that the Head of the Catholic Church can explain the reason why he said that the only accusation against Juan Barros, the current bishop of Osorno, has been discredited by the judicial court, defending directly to the one responsible of cover up for Karadima on his sexual assaults against young mens.

Regarding to this judicial action, the representative of the Laics Movement of Osorno, Juan Carlos Claret, said that if the exhort is approved by the Supreme Court of Justice, and then, responded by the Pope, it can be verified two things: the high level of secrecy inside the church , or how bad has been informed the Pope.