President Bachelet participated in New York City from The Council of the Americas, compounded by 40 entrepreneurs and CEO’s from the main North American corporations. The meeting was private and only some previously agreed photos were authorized.

As first instance, the president explained between 2003 and 2012 Chile experimented high development rates, as a consequence of the strong demand of raw materials and the elevate costs which those materials were negotiated on the internationals markets. In addition, she explained how beneficial that situation has been for the current national’s reality. Bachelet also detailed the progress on some reforms like education, environment care, economy, labor rights, and the transparency’s agenda against the corruption.

Bachelet emphasized on “we are not going to stop this reforms, but it would be applied gradually. We are going to prioritize our actions and adapt them to the financial and technical feasibility”.

“The most relevant thing is that the benefit will be for everybody; entrepreneurs, workers and students”, she concluded.

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