The Supreme Court has ratified the sentence which obligates The State of Chile the payment of $4500 million pesos to a group of ex-political prisoners detained at the Dawson Island center during the dictatorship.

In an unanimous verdict, the Second Room of the maximums tribunal of the country rejected a quashing resource trying to revert the Santiago´s Appeal court sentence which at the same time confirmed the compensation solved by the XVIII Civil tribunal of Santiago.
According to the sentence each of the 31 ex-prisoners will receive 150 million pesos.

The Supreme Court sentence confirmed the state’s responsibility for the physical and psychological damages imposed to the ex-prisoners inside the reclusion center, located in the Magallanes Region.

The verdict is supported by the facts, the victims were objects of “serious violations to the human rights perpetrated by Chilean State agents. Specifying in every event their kidnapping date, bearing tortures, the time they spent deprived of their freedom and the effects they are still suffering as a consequence. Damages that to the date are persisting in all the aspects of their lives.

The magistrates also appeal to the Inter American convention of human rights in order to discard any prescription of the crimes and accept what the complainants are asking for. Attending the “immense moral damages because of their illegal reclusion in an isolated Island in the end of the world, experiencing the mistreatments, agony and uncertainty of their own existence”.