The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs has referred to the statement emitted by The Ministry of the Popular Power for the Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela which had rejected the emitted by the Chancellery the last Saturday related to Leopoldo López situation.

As mention earlier, the Chancellery assured that “Chile interested in the democratic development of every sibling country, has expressed before its disposition to collaborate on the decrease of the polarization climate which it is observed in Venezuela and, together with others countries, has effectuated callings in order to condemned the violence and to promote a constructive and extended political dialogue between the assorted political and social actors”.

“We followed with attention what is happening to Mr. Leopoldo López and the four students leaders and, now, the condemnatory sentences imposed by the Judicial Tribunals”, accordingly to the document and also its manifested that “Chile recognize and respect the faculties that the Tribunals of Justice have in a sovereign State”.

Those declarations were not good received by the Venezuelan authorities. Hence, they responded by a statement the rejection to the Chilean document, pointing out ““its result as necessary to remember to the Chilean Chancellery that the no- Intervention in the internal matters of another state it is a fundamental principle consecrated on the Public International law. In this meaning, any pronouncement which can infringe its sense in nothing contribute to the construction and perfection of the bilaterally relations of mutual respect”.

As a result, on Monday, The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs-through a new official statement- remarked that “ Under any concept could be considerate as an intervention on the internal matters, a respectful expression about human rights and fundamentals guarantees in another country. Universally, the protection of the basic liberties are recognized and valorized as a conquer of the humanity and as a duty of every and all the members of the International Community”.

In addition the statement said “Since the time Chile defeated the dictatorship we have received many pronouncements coming from foreign countries and also from international institutions related to human rights in our country. But those have been never consider as interference on internal matters”.

The constructive approaches from external sources related to the defiance on the exercise of politics, economics and social rights “are welcome, because its helps to in a tolerance climate, civic respect and dialogue, Chile could find convergent and solution roads, in consonance with the standards and practices of the International law”.

Therefore, Chile responded that the “Remarkable relations of friendship and cooperation between Chile and Venezuela must to conduce the both countries to preserved a fastening frame to the international regulations and mutual respect”.

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