Last Friday the Chilean Navy responded to a video which is circulating on internet. The video record shows up the abusive practices by the superiors of the institution against the conscripts.

The 2-minute-video shows how the marine infants are obligate of drinking a substance which cannot be identify. The substance induce immediately to throw up.
In like manner the record shows how the young-men are punched and then launched into the ocean. Accordingly with El Matutino site.

The first information had indicated that the images belongs to the I.M. Nº 2 Miller, located in Concón- Viña del Mar.

After the video was revealed, The Chilean Navy, through a statement, had informed that the records were part of an activity which took place last year on the Puerto Aldea area, located in the Coquimbo region.

In spite of the facts, the institution assured that this kind of activities do not fit to the politics and doctrines related to the relationship between the Navy personnel and the Navy of Chile crew.